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VK CH 67 Spoiler WARNING

Ok, just read a translation online.....EPIC is an understatement.  Ok, I've read theories and just had to make a journal entry.  I know there's a reason for Kaname's actions, this is Kaname we're talking about people!! There's a DAMN good reason behind it and it'll all be revealed in due time....I don't think Kaname has gone mad.

Kaname, as the ancestor, feels responsible for everything going on with the purebloods and is taking it upon himself. Now, when all the purebloods except Yuuki and Kaname are gone, maybe he figures the Kurans can just repopulate themselves? XD (unless of course Kaname gets punished by the Hunters Assoc. for killing purebloods, though he could just blame everything on Sara and kill her) and with Zero as head of the Hunter society, the Kurans will be protected. BTW Sara is a psycho, but we knew that.....

I don't see why Kaname would have to die at all or give up Yuuki at all. He has things he has to do-that only he can do. He told Yuuki everything about his past and there's stuff that needs to be handled now, so Kaname's doing it. Yuuki and Aido both say they'd trust Kaname and would be alright even if he "double crossed" them...Kaname told Yuuki everything that he'd done up until now, so hopefully she has a better understanding of Kaname and his actions. I trust Yuuki knows him well enough to justify his actions. I also think maybe Kaname should just TALK to everyone and EXPLAIN what's happening, but then the manga would be near it's end. lol.

The only way this could backfire is in everything Kaname plans, he'd end up distancing himself from Yuuki, thinking she might not want him, etc and she'd be pushed into Zero's lap  arms but even if it got to an extreme point where Kaname distances himself to complete his mission, I think Yuuki would tell Kaname she loves him and his destructive path can end.

I love Zero to death, but he's not doing much of anything, like what's his purpose now other than to be Hunter Assoc.'s future President and I don't see why Yuuki would just jump to Zero. The only thing is, now Zero seems to be realizing that Yuuki hasn't changed just cuz she's a vampire. We just need Zero to realize (maybe through Kaname and his actions) that killing purebloods ISN'T the way to go...though now Kaname seems to think that...and so now Zero can just join him in the pureblood killing spree XD and since they both love Yuuki, they would live; Happy threesome ending that way!!

OMG this chapter is beyond freakin' epic! But, while it seems just about anything can happen, I also think with these turn of events, there's only so much that CAN happen. It's senseless for either Zero, Yuuki, or Kaname to die at all. If the enemies are eliminated there could be a showdown between Zero and Kaname, but if Zero realizes Yuuki is Yuuki that he loves no matter what and that he can't kill Kaname cuz then she'd be sad, then the three of them have to live happily forever with Zero as HA pres protecting everyone and keeping peace. ^_^;

Please, jump in here with your points of view; no character bashing!!! Can't wait til the next chapter!!

Ever more important to BUY manga!

VIZ MEDIA recently had to cut 40% of their staff and Go! Comi! nearly disappeared due to lack of sales.  Be it simply our economy and no one can afford manga (as it's not a necessity, of course) or "digital theft" aka scanlations.  Now, when you hear "scanlations" you may think "Sagakure" or "MangaFox/OneManga" Well, at least, I did. However, I want you to understand, Sagakure is not stealing from the companies. She ALWAYS states to buy the books/merchandise to support the series' you love! 

Listen, we all are going through tough economic times (some more than others).  The purpose of this post is to encourage you all to BUY your favorite manga, not just read them. Don't just sit in the aisle of the bookstore and read or solely read scanlations.  I read scanlations, but I buy the series because I love the series and enjoy re-reading.

Do you want your favorite manga series (from VIZ, I can't speak for other companies in the USA because the other ones aren't doing so well either or have gone bankrupt and disappeared) to die off? Didn't think so.  If you're thinking you'll just re-read online, well the book you can take anywhere and read anytime, unlike the digital version (unless you own an iPAD or something).  Maybe manga companies should sell digital copies of their series to read on an iPAD or other reader as technology catches up. But, I digress. It's great just to won the manga, to collect and pick up whenever you want, to pass down to your kids eventually!

Do not fall into a false sense of security that VIZ says not to worry that our favorite manga series will not die off. RIGHT NOW, it's not going to die off, but it could!! It is more important than ever to BUY the books from your favorite series, not just read them. 

Don't have the money? Well, next time you want that soda, snackfood, or eat take-out, don't buy it! Eat at home instead and drink water (get a Brita filter to clean out impurities). Bargain shop! Put money away in a piggy bank or something. The books come out ever 4 months or so anyway, that should be plenty of time to save up $9.99 plus some tax. Also, BORDERS and even BARNES and NOBLE have coupons for a % off, too!  

Don't get the books in your area? Buy online! Often there are deals if you spend a certain amount of $ there is free shipping. Need some good, trustworthy, official sites to buy? Message me and I'll send it to you! 

(Note:I don't think buying manga off ebay really supports the company of the series as you're giving money to someone who already purchased it wheeas buying from another well known company is just the way you buy from Borders/Barnes and Noble). 

So, PLEASE, purchase the manga you love! Otherwise, I hope BORDERS and other bookstores start keeping all their books wrapped in plastic so no one can read them in-store so you can buy them (like Kinokuniya does). Also, don't buy bootleg manga or anime DVDs. Buy from a legit company or the actual company to avoid this!

If you think you can't make a difference as one person, yes you can!  You KNOW how many people leave comments after reading Sagakure's scanlations for VK that if each of those people bought the manga when released in our country then that's that many more people supporting the series! Pass this news to a friend!

Thank you!

Here's the full story on how VIZ and GO! Comi! are being affected: 


Vampire Knight fanfiction....

Alright, I don't think it's a secret that I'm a ZEKI fan. I enjoy reading plenty of Vampire Knight fics, including Kaname x Zero fics. The ones I like I've added to my favorites/alerts.I write my own fics, too. Okay, so my fics may not be perfect (I have been guilty of OOCness)...but when I'm in the mood for ZEKI fics, it's getting harder to find some good fics to read, a lot have potential, but then they make Kaname evil. Seriously, is anyone READING the manga. He wouldn't do that to Yuuki! I made Kaname evil in a fic because he was possessed by Rido, so he wasn't doing that himself. Also, I did realize in another fic that Kaname was waay too OOC and it hurt his fans, so I re-wrote the chapter. I want it to be enjoyable to read for everyone.

 I'm not putting down ANY one's fics, but what I'm saying is can I at least read a ZEKI fic where Kaname isn't evil, please? If he's going to be that way then don't write him in the story...There are plenty of villains in Vampire Knight that can serve that purpose.

Fine if you don't like Kaname or don't know how to pair Yuuki with Zero because it's a fact that she does love Kaname, but you don't have to make him evil! It's like character bashing. It's seriously a turn-off.

I realize fanfiction is for us to indulge in our fantasies and ease the waiting between manga chapters. I'm not telling anyone how to write fanfiction. I'm willing to suspend my imagination if a story line is interesting and well written that fits with the characters. Look, there are things I want to do with my fics that may not be agreeable to everyone, but I do keep the fans and characters in mind when I write. I know tha not everyone can be pleased.  My point is none of the characters have to be abusive to eachother (unless it's a kinky sexy fic XD *shot*) .

That's just my opinion and I just had to vent. lol.

To show the characters some love, here's a nice picture of the trio:


Also, yeah, about Vic being Zero, after hearing the preview, um, NO I don't like him as Zero! T_T*sigh*
But, PEOPLE, people, the US DVDs will have the Japanese audio as an option, so buy it anyway!!! Support the series and have the official sub!

VK 60 thoughts....*edit*

Just thought I'd add: Zero does carry Yuuki like a sack of potatoes:
Before (in VK6) Ah, simpler times.

Now (VK 60. Scan by Sagakure)

Zero is still Zero.....lol. XD


I couldn't resist! Lol. Matsuri Hino's art sure has ripened. The characters have grown so much, too, and I don't just mean appearance. *is sentimental*

So I purposefully refrained from reading the chapter summary (as always) and from looking at raws (as always) And good thing I did! The chapter seemed to read through quickly, I dunno if it's shorter or if there were just less words to read.

GAWD, I so want to know what Zero was thinking!!!!!!!!!!

When Yuuki asked to be put down, I don’t think Zero wanted to let her go!  This chapter was beautiful, made me cry from the bittersweetness.

KISS NOW PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Sagakure's scan, I in no way take credit, I'm using this image to fangirl emphasize my feelings.)

EDIT So, I keep editing/adding thoughts here. ><;  But, what if Zero thinks it was Kaname she was blood lusting after and not him and that she didn't bite him because he's not Kaname; he's going to dismiss Yuuki's wanting him as just her vampire nature, not realizing that she was horrified what she almost did to her traumatized former best friend. She did it because you're her loved one, Zero!  She misses you. Would you two please make up now!  T_T

Zero looked sad; it's not his fault he doesn't understand it's okay to want to bite/drink the blood of your loved one. Edit: See comments for Sagakure's forensic analysis of who broke the window.  I totally agree it had to have been  Zero.

Zero’s struggling that he is a vampire now and his vampire instincts could make him want to be bitten by Yuuki, too, just like he craves her blood (as all vampires crave the blood of their loved one). It makes sense Yuuki explains the situation as being “scatterbrained.” She can’t tell Zero she has feelings for him. I also can’t help, but think when she goes to drink Kaname, in the back of her or his mind that she won’t be fully quenched cuz of her feelings for Zero. The Zeki fan I am makes me happy to see Zero x Yuuki reunite (despite how bitter sweet it is) and but my love for Kaname also makes me think how unfair it is for Kaname that Yuuki has feelings for Zero. It’s kinda toying with us Zeki emotions, too. Lol. Threesome now!! *shot*

Oh and Aido calls her “Yuuki Cross!” rather than Kuran. Lmao. XD And Zero still calls Aido "senpai" lol. That delighted me because it makes ME feel nostalgic for the old VK days. *sigh*

A month seems so long from now...and we even had a bonus chapter to help us through this month. lol. I wish I had more time for fic-writing. This chapter brought up sooo much for fanfiction. I cannot wait for the artbook!!!! I'll be in San Francisco the week of July 14th and will check the Kinokuniya while there and although it might be too soon, I'll hope they have it there! I'll order it online if not and have it shipped ASAP.

Anyway, back to VK 60, Touma freaks the hell out of me. I loved it when Zero pulled his gun and it was cause he noticed him. Ah, Zero, so hot!!!  I don't think that hunter building is so secure if the window can be broken, unless it was Zero who did break it then it makes sense for it to be secure except for him. Zero, what will you do with the Yuuki-blood-soaked coat? XD

I hope when this comes out in tankobon there will be added Zeki images (like a close up of Yuuki licking Zero and his orgasmic expresion reaction from that. You know, Zero can smell Yuuki, too, I wonder if he was thinking the same as her. *hopeless romantic*

And wow, Kaname, he has so much control and really will let Yuuki do as she will (when I saw his bat out the window I knew the Zeki moment wouldn't last long, not that Kaname would interrupt himself, but Yuuki would notice or something I thought), but this also will cause Kaname immense pain. I think he's a wonderful guy for wanting Yuuki to be free and happy, but at the same time he doesn't have to spoil her and spare his feelings. See, Kaname's so used to sacrificing himself (especially for Yuuki) he doesn't know to ask for what he wants in a relationship either.

Now, let's all pour out our love for Sagakure with fanfiction and fanart in her honor!

VK merchandise: T-shirts!!!

So, as I last posted, Vampire Knight anime will be dubbed. As a result, here in the US we will be getting merchandise! So here are the pictures of the tshirts that will be available:

I tried to add images, but the site won't let me. Just go to rightstuff.com and search "Vampire Knight" and the t-shirts are there.

Here's a link of the trio shirt:


It's an official site! This is legit merchandise!

They have 4 versions of the shirt: the VK rose symbol, Z, K, and Y, just Yuuki, and just Zero.

I know, not that impressive as the images are basically the same, but this is good news for the fandom! And hey, we have to support the series! Eventually, they'll come out with more.
Well, for Zero, Kaname, and Yuuki.

Zero Kiryuu will be played by Vic Mignogna.

Kaname Kuran-Ethan Murray

Yuuki Cross- Mela Lee.

They decided to select veteran voice actors. I know Ethan Murray from Gankutsuou (played Franz) and Vic Mignogna from Full Metal Alchemist, Air, and various other animes, and Mela Lee I don't know at all. LMAO.

I'm so excited. I have a huge crush on Vic as it is XD (Yeah, I don't care he's older). I imagined deeper voices for Zero and Kaname (especially Zero), but I trust it'll work out well.

Wow Wow Wow!!!
I can't wait til it's dubbed!

Here's the link for more info:


My Reflection on VK 58....

*Spoiler Warning*

What if Yuuki is still in a sandbox and everyone already is in on what she's doing (example, Kaname knew she'd be leaving. Aido is with her and knowingly jumped in front of Isaya, that he better protect Yuuki even expense of his own life or else face Kaname's wrath). Kaien, I do not doubt, that he will be one step ahead of Yuuki. Also, since he's official HA president, then the Hunters won't go ofter her for what she's doing.

I also do not think it is a coincidence that Isaya and other purebloods may have woken up. There's a revolution going on w/ the Hunters and in vampire society leaders.

Rido still being alive kinda throws me off. I don't know WTF can happen now. And I mean, he can't reform entirely, but he can grope all over Kaname (which, the way he was touching him, if Kaname had breasts, he'd TOTALLY be feeling him up! *is shot*) That Rido can go around molesting Yuuki. XD;;;; And Kaname wouldn't be able to kill him for it. *would have to call Zero~<3 THAT'S how to get him back in!*

Sara's so threatening! And now she knows Zero's affiliated w/ the Kurans, she would use him, too (unless of course, she has an affinity for girls only, which means Takuma is safe from being her sex slave anyway *is shot*). Which makes me think,since she told Zero he reeks of Kuran blood, that back at the ball she KNEW there was more there with that short interaction between Zero and Yuuki. Sara's a dangerous pawn on the chess board. Takuma what will become of you. ;_; I thought they were pretending to be husband and wife at first when Sara used his name. LOL. I think it's hilarious he keeps running into Rima x Shiki by accident!  Sara is very intelligent! We learned a rule for the Hunters anyway, that if a human wants to and knowingly turns into a vampire, then there's no law broke. 0_o Whaaat! What's stopping more humans turning then?! Probably that there aren't enough purebloods willing. (Can't you just see Yori wanting Yuuki  to turn her?) Just that vampires keep their identities secret. And vampires are so erotic and seductive, they can convince anyone they want to turn.

Kaname seems to have his vampire true violent nature in check, but if he (God forbid) he loses Yuuki, the whole world will be wiped out. lol. But, with Rido mocking him like that and Kaname being deathly afraid of what's going on with Yuuki that maybe he'll lose himself to the violent vampire nature? I believe in Kaname and don't think he would let that happen, I KNOW he wouldn't hurt Yuuki, but maybe he'd lose himself in despair and Rido could posess him to reform? They are blood related.... And we saw Rido fly in as a bat, which is one of the things Kaname uses to spy on stuff. What if, because Rido awoke the ancestor using Haruka x Juri's child (which is HORRIBLE to do! OMG, that image at the end of 58 is disturbing ;_;) and so he and Rido are bound together.

I worry worry worry about Zero. He is emotionally unstable. He needs to bop Yuuki in the head for playing the reaper, but someone needs to calm Zero's ass down- and Kaito can't do it (I keep thinking I want him to go away, too, despite his hotness. lmao)

Oh, and unrelatedly, seeing Rido grope Kaname made me think that maybe Rido tried to do things to Haruka, too???? *spawned fic ideas galore* >_<;;;; I REALLY wish I had more time. I'd write a Haruka x Juri fic with Rido interfering; I mean what was growing up as siblings like?! Imagine, Juri was promised to Rido (which seems to be the case with female purebloods having to be betrothed with other male purebloods, and commonly their brother) but either 1) Rido was a creep 2) She fell for Haruka 3) or both 1 and 2. Haruka would've had some other female pureblood promised to him. Who would that have been? THE IDEAS!

I love Hino-sensei's mastermind. The possibilities are endless! My mind is swimming, I can't pinpoint all the theories and thoughts that came up.

Okay, I REALLY got to get to finishing Ch. 1 for the fic I'm writing for Sagakure. Thank you so much for all you do to the fandom, Sagakure! Since there's a month between each chapter, it's hard to catch things, espeically as complex as VK is, re-reading is necessary, but your comments helped me understand and caused further theories! VK58 has sparked so many ideas!!!!  I was writing assuming Zero would know Kaname was a pureblood, but then, he couldn't tell Sara was there til she got blood lusty! I can't wait to incorporate and play with the new developments. <3333 I can't wait to publish!!!

Also, when I first started reading VK manga in 2008, I realzed it was still ongoing in Japan and found translations and after VOl. 4, found all the scanlated chapters on Onemanga.I literally spent my day off read every chapter through VK 41. So, I imagine that I didn't analyze more what was going on. Then, I talk my boyfriend's ear off (he knows everything VK and hasn't read a chapter, but he did watch the anime with me) to help process the info. So, of course, I re-read and buy the books when they officially are released in English. So, the slow releases here in the U.S. help me analyze VK. Also, I re-read when fic writing, which stalls me from doing more writing, so I only reference it for clarification.

I'm out for now. I'd like to hear all your ideas/theories! I try reading all the comments left on Sagakure's LJ. People have some great ideas and there are great threads of ideas!<333

St. Xocolatl's Day Fanart

I'm dedicating this picture to Sagakure.

Sorry, the Kaname uke fic is taking longer than anticipated, so here's a drawing until I can get to writing this week!

Thank you for all you do for the Vampire Knight fandom and for making me a Kaname x Zero fan! hehe.

The premise for this fic is VK's Valentine's Day as this pic is titled. In this pic, Kaname and Zero are a couple and Kaname has romantically made a cake for Zero...as you VK fans may know, apparently, Kaname cannot cook well. So, Zero is worried about the bitter chocolate cake before him. Especially since the headmaster gave Kaname directions for baking! And we all know how Zero feels about Cross's cooking.

Also, Zero is tsundere, so he is elated, but isn't showing it. So, no, Kaname did not poison it or something. They are lovers in my mind for the pic.

Any Yaoi haters, please I don't want flames.

For once, I drew Kaname pretty good, I think! This needs work, I know, but I did it rushed to get it done in time for Valentine's Day, since I'll be busy at work and with my boyfriend.

Sagakure, hope you like it. You've been cheering me on for the fic, too. Hope you get well soon!

Maybe I will color this. Sagakure, if you ever find time, you're free to color this using wonderful photoshop!

Traditional sketch with pencil on my sketchpad.

Unrelatedly, I asked my boyfriend questions from a Vampire Knight Quiz to see which VK guy he is and asked him the questions in a way that I could get the answers from him, but he wouldn't know what the quiz was.lol. It wasn't one of those totally obvious-who-the-character-is quizzes. And if the answers seemed obvious, I just asked him so he wouldn't know who/what. yeah, he was like "WTF?" But I told him to just answer the question! There were three questions: You see a girl crying, what do you do? You see the girl bleeding on the floor, what do you do? Finally, you see the girl you like making out with another guy, what do you do?

Well, I REALLY thought my bf would be Aido (because he's being a meanie to me tonight), but he usually ACTS like Haruka Kuran (from that bonus about the umbrellas, seriously.) BUT guess who my bf is?! ZERO. WTF. My boyfriend is a Kaname fan and wasn't happy with his outcome! *ROTFL* Yeah, I ended up telling him why I asked him weird stuff. lol.

His answers: 1) Ask her if she's okay/what's wrong. 2) Bite her, she's already injured. 3)That guy...WILL DIE.

Yeah, Zero can be a meanie, but he really cares, so I guess this is my bf. OMG. lol.

Anyway, onto VK 57.

I totally loved it. I can't believe Yuuki is acting as the grim reaper, but I do see where she is coming from trying to stop things in HER way. This is SO her way. Kaname probably knows what she's up to, if not, he's gonna have to DO something to PROTECT her. She's committing (assisted suicide for others, purebloods anyway, yes) social suicide or just plain suicide because this stunt will get her put on the Hunter's List and NO WAY is Vampire society going to tolerate this of their "precious purebloods." I worry for her. Poor Aido must be popping a vein from stressing over what will Kaname do to him for standing by while Yuuki offers this. lol.

Lots of mirroring stuff going on, makes me feel like Hino-sensei's laid clues out there for us, but just when we think we can pick up on it, she does a plot twist with Yuuki's assisted suicide service. I was surprised because she seemed upset that Zero and Kaname put their lives in her hands (asked her to kill them even), and she doesn't seem to want that burden, but then offers to kill purebloods. I know her intentions are good, but it really amazes me. Gosh, I love Hino-sensei's character development! ~~<3

The only thing I'm having difficulty with is seeing how hOw HOW Yuuki and Zero can hook up...errr get together. *wants them in a threesome now* I mean, that kiss between Kaname and Yuuki was so sweet. Awww. <3. *still ships Zeki like whoa*

Also, I'm trying not to like Kaito, but I'm failing anyway. He's so...hot. lol. I'm not sure why I don't want to like him. Probably because he's Zero's current partner/insurance and NOOO that's Yuuki's job and you're not providing the yaoi fanservice with Zero, it's best with Kaname!!! Plus, what he did trying to use Yori as bait like that! AND he knows so much about Zero, what a stalker.JK. Nah, I just don't like that he knows so much about Zero, he can't just swoop in and act like he knows him. Well, I know they knew each other from the past, but not enough to talk to him like he does. Like, OMG, when Kaito grabbed Zero by the shirt and threw him against the wall, I REALLY thought for somehow Zero's temper would flare (especially with Kaito's getting in his business), but it didn't (probably because the Bloody Rose won't work on Kaito. lol). Lucky Kaito.

Zero still has feelings for Yuuki! I mean, he defends her verbally to Kaito in this chapter anyway...I know that he keeps that pistol and hungers for Yuuki (although it could just be for human Yuuki) The look on his face and the way he talks about her, he still loves her. He'll come around. I mean, he even avoided Kaito's question if he wanted to kill Yuuki.

Zero's always sexy, but this is the sexiest of the chapter *click to enlarge*:

(As Sagakure pointed this out in her post, love her! I'm so grateful she scanlates!)

Ah, Zero, you'd only have that look on your face thinking of Yuuki.
Kaname was sexy in the chapter, too. Look *click to enlarge* :

I was gonna crop the pic more, but then we'd miss his open collar. mwuahhahaha.

And I LOVED Aido's "of course Yuuki's cute, she's Kaname's sister!" LMAO. Only Yuuki could turn Aido straight....or at least away from Kaname (maybe) *is shot* hahahaha.

I could only find Aido's zipper-strap thing, none of the other characters. Damn, I wish I lived in Japan to get those VK accessory merchandise things!!!!!! I don't care it's Kaname, I want that ear-phone holder so much! I NEED one of those! Seriously. Because it cost so much, I only have the Zero accessory charm (non zipper one) and he keeps falling off his ring. dammit.

Also, people giving Sagakure a hard time, be it bashing, art-thieves, or complainers about how quickly she scanlates need to cut it out! Be grateful there's someone in the fandom like her.

Thanks for reading this long post. PLEASE, add your thoughts and theories! As long as it's not hurting anyone's feelings, malicious, or bashing, it's cool. <3

Kinokuniya and Vampire Knight...

So, they're sold out of the December issue of LALA. NOOOOO! So, I am even more grateful for Sagakure scanning the cover. Money is very limited, so I'm not willing to shove over bucks for an overpriced LALA on Ebay.

All was not lost, I did buy Vampire Knight vol. 10 and 11. mwuahahaha. Well, my bf bought me 11. Anyway, I had to have the volume where Zero and Yuuki kiss! And Vol. 11's cover. I'm surprised they had it so soon! It's also awesome just to have the originals, support the fandom; and the Japanese volumes cost me $6.40 USD and the US volumes cost $9.99 now. (They were $8.99. I don't mind paying extra if it keeps the series alive AND it's cheaper than most manga! It's still under $10 bucks!)

Y'know what I JUST noticed about the cover of VK10, Yor's eyes aren't blue....why'd I think they were?

Anyway, we got melon pan again. Yum!

Oh, unrelatedly, I found a manga, soon-to-be-anime, called "Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru" by Hotaru Odagiri. It's Yaoi...and looks like a Vampire Knight knock-off. LOL. The story line is NOTHING like VK, but the artwork...well, the main character is a boy named Yuki who falls in love with a guy named Luka....Yup, the art looks like Zero and Kaname to me! lol. Oh, and it's going to be an anime and guess who the seiyuu involved will be: Mamoru Miyano(Zero), Jun Fukiyama (Aido), and Souichiro Hoshi (Shiki)! Damn, all we needed was Daisuke Kishio and we'd have our yaoi fangirl dreams come true.

Just google the title and I think you'll see what I mean. Not to bash or flame, but Vampire Knight's art is much better AND you can tell the difference from Zero and Kaname and Luka and Yuki. I just thought some stuff looked similar. Like Luka and Kaname's hair and Zero and Yuki's hair (color).

I'm not a yaoi fan, but I'm intrigued. I mean, the art is pretty...and it's mainly shojo, so not even a kiss happens, which is kinda frustrating it seems. There are 6 volumes of it. Here's the official anime site: http://www.uraboku.jp/

Click to enlarge.
Alright, I gotta get back to planning.