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Unrelatedly, I asked my boyfriend questions from a Vampire Knight Quiz to see which VK guy he is and asked him the questions in a way that I could get the answers from him, but he wouldn't know what the quiz was.lol. It wasn't one of those totally obvious-who-the-character-is quizzes. And if the answers seemed obvious, I just asked him so he wouldn't know who/what. yeah, he was like "WTF?" But I told him to just answer the question! There were three questions: You see a girl crying, what do you do? You see the girl bleeding on the floor, what do you do? Finally, you see the girl you like making out with another guy, what do you do?

Well, I REALLY thought my bf would be Aido (because he's being a meanie to me tonight), but he usually ACTS like Haruka Kuran (from that bonus about the umbrellas, seriously.) BUT guess who my bf is?! ZERO. WTF. My boyfriend is a Kaname fan and wasn't happy with his outcome! *ROTFL* Yeah, I ended up telling him why I asked him weird stuff. lol.

His answers: 1) Ask her if she's okay/what's wrong. 2) Bite her, she's already injured. 3)That guy...WILL DIE.

Yeah, Zero can be a meanie, but he really cares, so I guess this is my bf. OMG. lol.

Anyway, onto VK 57.

I totally loved it. I can't believe Yuuki is acting as the grim reaper, but I do see where she is coming from trying to stop things in HER way. This is SO her way. Kaname probably knows what she's up to, if not, he's gonna have to DO something to PROTECT her. She's committing (assisted suicide for others, purebloods anyway, yes) social suicide or just plain suicide because this stunt will get her put on the Hunter's List and NO WAY is Vampire society going to tolerate this of their "precious purebloods." I worry for her. Poor Aido must be popping a vein from stressing over what will Kaname do to him for standing by while Yuuki offers this. lol.

Lots of mirroring stuff going on, makes me feel like Hino-sensei's laid clues out there for us, but just when we think we can pick up on it, she does a plot twist with Yuuki's assisted suicide service. I was surprised because she seemed upset that Zero and Kaname put their lives in her hands (asked her to kill them even), and she doesn't seem to want that burden, but then offers to kill purebloods. I know her intentions are good, but it really amazes me. Gosh, I love Hino-sensei's character development! ~~<3

The only thing I'm having difficulty with is seeing how hOw HOW Yuuki and Zero can hook up...errr get together. *wants them in a threesome now* I mean, that kiss between Kaname and Yuuki was so sweet. Awww. <3. *still ships Zeki like whoa*

Also, I'm trying not to like Kaito, but I'm failing anyway. He's so...hot. lol. I'm not sure why I don't want to like him. Probably because he's Zero's current partner/insurance and NOOO that's Yuuki's job and you're not providing the yaoi fanservice with Zero, it's best with Kaname!!! Plus, what he did trying to use Yori as bait like that! AND he knows so much about Zero, what a stalker.JK. Nah, I just don't like that he knows so much about Zero, he can't just swoop in and act like he knows him. Well, I know they knew each other from the past, but not enough to talk to him like he does. Like, OMG, when Kaito grabbed Zero by the shirt and threw him against the wall, I REALLY thought for somehow Zero's temper would flare (especially with Kaito's getting in his business), but it didn't (probably because the Bloody Rose won't work on Kaito. lol). Lucky Kaito.

Zero still has feelings for Yuuki! I mean, he defends her verbally to Kaito in this chapter anyway...I know that he keeps that pistol and hungers for Yuuki (although it could just be for human Yuuki) The look on his face and the way he talks about her, he still loves her. He'll come around. I mean, he even avoided Kaito's question if he wanted to kill Yuuki.

Zero's always sexy, but this is the sexiest of the chapter *click to enlarge*:

(As Sagakure pointed this out in her post, love her! I'm so grateful she scanlates!)

Ah, Zero, you'd only have that look on your face thinking of Yuuki.
Kaname was sexy in the chapter, too. Look *click to enlarge* :

I was gonna crop the pic more, but then we'd miss his open collar. mwuahhahaha.

And I LOVED Aido's "of course Yuuki's cute, she's Kaname's sister!" LMAO. Only Yuuki could turn Aido straight....or at least away from Kaname (maybe) *is shot* hahahaha.

I could only find Aido's zipper-strap thing, none of the other characters. Damn, I wish I lived in Japan to get those VK accessory merchandise things!!!!!! I don't care it's Kaname, I want that ear-phone holder so much! I NEED one of those! Seriously. Because it cost so much, I only have the Zero accessory charm (non zipper one) and he keeps falling off his ring. dammit.

Also, people giving Sagakure a hard time, be it bashing, art-thieves, or complainers about how quickly she scanlates need to cut it out! Be grateful there's someone in the fandom like her.

Thanks for reading this long post. PLEASE, add your thoughts and theories! As long as it's not hurting anyone's feelings, malicious, or bashing, it's cool. <3


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Dec. 31st, 2009 05:56 am (UTC)
God, I alwyas love your comments, they are so on line with my thoughs.
Yeah, Zero is more "going thought the door" now. did you see how retoric was his question to Kaito about "purebloods are wrenched criatures"? it was said as questioning itself the statement.

And Kaito, mmm.... this chapter has made me to like him a bit and i dont want. But i always believed it wasnt a coincidence he was sent by Yagari to be Zero's shadows.

And well, not too much energy to comment about. *too much accostumed to msn mensenger*

Threesome team to the world!!!
Dec. 31st, 2009 07:03 am (UTC)
Thanks for the reply!
Hey, how ya been?

I'm happy to know there's someone else out there who thinks like I do!

Happy New Year!!
Dec. 31st, 2009 07:34 am (UTC)
Re: Thanks for the reply!

Well, it's 8.03 in the morning right here *strange and random relationship with the clock* and i've been spending the whole night awake boring to dead (happening ti have holidays at uni)and looking for vk moe 'till sudendly sagakure started to anwer some comments *love you email alerts*, so well, recap things here and there and reading new fics ( by the way, i love yours even if i red them a while ago)

Now, trying not to get hypnoticied by chap 47 and the 2º guesses, throw the laziness in a corner and reply some friends while working on spanish scalation *cheers for lala & postal mail*

oh by the way. sorry for not reply you last time and broke my promise about scan V7, uni stuff came in the middle and working at times on different computers doesnt help the schedule.

well, so at the end i posted a little comentary about vk on saga's but looks like this month is everithing quite low. it's maybe one of the less concurrence scalation post i've ever seen (just -140 coments, usually more than 250)

*inner fangirl a little trapped* Even my little group of spanish vk fangirls seems not very on mood to speak about. Even one has "sent" an ultimatum to Hino.

So well, having the manga bookshop in front of my home i couln'd resist and yesterday i bought "black bird" (very nice, demon "tengu" in love with a human , they have to fight for their love and so), "Liar game", RG Veda (clamp, budish legends) and Trinity Blood (Abel is sooo Kaien Cross)

At least, thinking i have my Economy exam on 25th january and my french exam on 2nd is good i can concentrate on "bad" first and celebra on february then. Nice way to fill a holw in so "important" date.

So then the next quetions is what will happen in 58 (las chap of V12)... I have a path and for me there is a mirrow even in the way Volumenes treat subjects (v13 will be as v3 with flashsback and so??)

oh i forgot, in 3 week i will put my greedy hand on V10 already!!! *hoping there will be a spanish edition of FB*
Jan. 1st, 2010 01:59 am (UTC)
Happy New year!
Good luck on your exams! Thank you, I'm glad you like my fics. I bought VK 10 and 11 in Japanese just so I could look at the pretty pictures (cover of VK 11) and see Zero kiss Yuuki ~~~~<3 Now, you've got me thinking about how the volumes go. But, then again, the patterns are thrown off by Hino-sensei. I wonder if much more will happen in VK 58 because it's the last chapter in VK 12, so it'll either be a huge cliff hanger (as if VK 57 wasn't! lol) or not much will happen since it's the END of a volume....hmmmm...
LMAO when you said Trinity Blood's Abel was so Kaien Cross! I KNOW!!! XD I watched some of the anime and OMG that was the FIRST thing I thought about him.

Nice manga you got there! I've been watching anime mostly with my down town. Mainly Special A. It's SOO Shojo romance, but it's funny and has its moments. And thank goodness for fics *wishes she had more time to read!* I'm gonna have to grade papers and read to prepare for when I go back to student teaching.

Here's rooting for Zeki in VK 58 and in the future! lol.

Hope you have a happy new year! Talk to you soon!
Feb. 7th, 2010 08:15 pm (UTC)
i agree with everything you say here specially that Zero is hot:D and well so is Kaname, loool. I want to know more about Kaito too^.^
i think it would be nice if we could see some development in Sara and Ichijou´s plans.
But well the only thing it still pisses me here, is unfourtenately, Yuuki. And it will be so hard to have a Zeki meeting, because latest chapters Zero appears like 3 seconds. T.T
anyway, nice post!
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