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My Reflection on VK 58....

*Spoiler Warning*

What if Yuuki is still in a sandbox and everyone already is in on what she's doing (example, Kaname knew she'd be leaving. Aido is with her and knowingly jumped in front of Isaya, that he better protect Yuuki even expense of his own life or else face Kaname's wrath). Kaien, I do not doubt, that he will be one step ahead of Yuuki. Also, since he's official HA president, then the Hunters won't go ofter her for what she's doing.

I also do not think it is a coincidence that Isaya and other purebloods may have woken up. There's a revolution going on w/ the Hunters and in vampire society leaders.

Rido still being alive kinda throws me off. I don't know WTF can happen now. And I mean, he can't reform entirely, but he can grope all over Kaname (which, the way he was touching him, if Kaname had breasts, he'd TOTALLY be feeling him up! *is shot*) That Rido can go around molesting Yuuki. XD;;;; And Kaname wouldn't be able to kill him for it. *would have to call Zero~<3 THAT'S how to get him back in!*

Sara's so threatening! And now she knows Zero's affiliated w/ the Kurans, she would use him, too (unless of course, she has an affinity for girls only, which means Takuma is safe from being her sex slave anyway *is shot*). Which makes me think,since she told Zero he reeks of Kuran blood, that back at the ball she KNEW there was more there with that short interaction between Zero and Yuuki. Sara's a dangerous pawn on the chess board. Takuma what will become of you. ;_; I thought they were pretending to be husband and wife at first when Sara used his name. LOL. I think it's hilarious he keeps running into Rima x Shiki by accident!  Sara is very intelligent! We learned a rule for the Hunters anyway, that if a human wants to and knowingly turns into a vampire, then there's no law broke. 0_o Whaaat! What's stopping more humans turning then?! Probably that there aren't enough purebloods willing. (Can't you just see Yori wanting Yuuki  to turn her?) Just that vampires keep their identities secret. And vampires are so erotic and seductive, they can convince anyone they want to turn.

Kaname seems to have his vampire true violent nature in check, but if he (God forbid) he loses Yuuki, the whole world will be wiped out. lol. But, with Rido mocking him like that and Kaname being deathly afraid of what's going on with Yuuki that maybe he'll lose himself to the violent vampire nature? I believe in Kaname and don't think he would let that happen, I KNOW he wouldn't hurt Yuuki, but maybe he'd lose himself in despair and Rido could posess him to reform? They are blood related.... And we saw Rido fly in as a bat, which is one of the things Kaname uses to spy on stuff. What if, because Rido awoke the ancestor using Haruka x Juri's child (which is HORRIBLE to do! OMG, that image at the end of 58 is disturbing ;_;) and so he and Rido are bound together.

I worry worry worry about Zero. He is emotionally unstable. He needs to bop Yuuki in the head for playing the reaper, but someone needs to calm Zero's ass down- and Kaito can't do it (I keep thinking I want him to go away, too, despite his hotness. lmao)

Oh, and unrelatedly, seeing Rido grope Kaname made me think that maybe Rido tried to do things to Haruka, too???? *spawned fic ideas galore* >_<;;;; I REALLY wish I had more time. I'd write a Haruka x Juri fic with Rido interfering; I mean what was growing up as siblings like?! Imagine, Juri was promised to Rido (which seems to be the case with female purebloods having to be betrothed with other male purebloods, and commonly their brother) but either 1) Rido was a creep 2) She fell for Haruka 3) or both 1 and 2. Haruka would've had some other female pureblood promised to him. Who would that have been? THE IDEAS!

I love Hino-sensei's mastermind. The possibilities are endless! My mind is swimming, I can't pinpoint all the theories and thoughts that came up.

Okay, I REALLY got to get to finishing Ch. 1 for the fic I'm writing for Sagakure. Thank you so much for all you do to the fandom, Sagakure! Since there's a month between each chapter, it's hard to catch things, espeically as complex as VK is, re-reading is necessary, but your comments helped me understand and caused further theories! VK58 has sparked so many ideas!!!!  I was writing assuming Zero would know Kaname was a pureblood, but then, he couldn't tell Sara was there til she got blood lusty! I can't wait to incorporate and play with the new developments. <3333 I can't wait to publish!!!

Also, when I first started reading VK manga in 2008, I realzed it was still ongoing in Japan and found translations and after VOl. 4, found all the scanlated chapters on Onemanga.I literally spent my day off read every chapter through VK 41. So, I imagine that I didn't analyze more what was going on. Then, I talk my boyfriend's ear off (he knows everything VK and hasn't read a chapter, but he did watch the anime with me) to help process the info. So, of course, I re-read and buy the books when they officially are released in English. So, the slow releases here in the U.S. help me analyze VK. Also, I re-read when fic writing, which stalls me from doing more writing, so I only reference it for clarification.

I'm out for now. I'd like to hear all your ideas/theories! I try reading all the comments left on Sagakure's LJ. People have some great ideas and there are great threads of ideas!<333

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