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VK 60 thoughts....*edit*

Just thought I'd add: Zero does carry Yuuki like a sack of potatoes:
Before (in VK6) Ah, simpler times.

Now (VK 60. Scan by Sagakure)

Zero is still Zero.....lol. XD


I couldn't resist! Lol. Matsuri Hino's art sure has ripened. The characters have grown so much, too, and I don't just mean appearance. *is sentimental*

So I purposefully refrained from reading the chapter summary (as always) and from looking at raws (as always) And good thing I did! The chapter seemed to read through quickly, I dunno if it's shorter or if there were just less words to read.

GAWD, I so want to know what Zero was thinking!!!!!!!!!!

When Yuuki asked to be put down, I don’t think Zero wanted to let her go!  This chapter was beautiful, made me cry from the bittersweetness.

KISS NOW PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Sagakure's scan, I in no way take credit, I'm using this image to fangirl emphasize my feelings.)

EDIT So, I keep editing/adding thoughts here. ><;  But, what if Zero thinks it was Kaname she was blood lusting after and not him and that she didn't bite him because he's not Kaname; he's going to dismiss Yuuki's wanting him as just her vampire nature, not realizing that she was horrified what she almost did to her traumatized former best friend. She did it because you're her loved one, Zero!  She misses you. Would you two please make up now!  T_T

Zero looked sad; it's not his fault he doesn't understand it's okay to want to bite/drink the blood of your loved one. Edit: See comments for Sagakure's forensic analysis of who broke the window.  I totally agree it had to have been  Zero.

Zero’s struggling that he is a vampire now and his vampire instincts could make him want to be bitten by Yuuki, too, just like he craves her blood (as all vampires crave the blood of their loved one). It makes sense Yuuki explains the situation as being “scatterbrained.” She can’t tell Zero she has feelings for him. I also can’t help, but think when she goes to drink Kaname, in the back of her or his mind that she won’t be fully quenched cuz of her feelings for Zero. The Zeki fan I am makes me happy to see Zero x Yuuki reunite (despite how bitter sweet it is) and but my love for Kaname also makes me think how unfair it is for Kaname that Yuuki has feelings for Zero. It’s kinda toying with us Zeki emotions, too. Lol. Threesome now!! *shot*

Oh and Aido calls her “Yuuki Cross!” rather than Kuran. Lmao. XD And Zero still calls Aido "senpai" lol. That delighted me because it makes ME feel nostalgic for the old VK days. *sigh*

A month seems so long from now...and we even had a bonus chapter to help us through this month. lol. I wish I had more time for fic-writing. This chapter brought up sooo much for fanfiction. I cannot wait for the artbook!!!! I'll be in San Francisco the week of July 14th and will check the Kinokuniya while there and although it might be too soon, I'll hope they have it there! I'll order it online if not and have it shipped ASAP.

Anyway, back to VK 60, Touma freaks the hell out of me. I loved it when Zero pulled his gun and it was cause he noticed him. Ah, Zero, so hot!!!  I don't think that hunter building is so secure if the window can be broken, unless it was Zero who did break it then it makes sense for it to be secure except for him. Zero, what will you do with the Yuuki-blood-soaked coat? XD

I hope when this comes out in tankobon there will be added Zeki images (like a close up of Yuuki licking Zero and his orgasmic expresion reaction from that. You know, Zero can smell Yuuki, too, I wonder if he was thinking the same as her. *hopeless romantic*

And wow, Kaname, he has so much control and really will let Yuuki do as she will (when I saw his bat out the window I knew the Zeki moment wouldn't last long, not that Kaname would interrupt himself, but Yuuki would notice or something I thought), but this also will cause Kaname immense pain. I think he's a wonderful guy for wanting Yuuki to be free and happy, but at the same time he doesn't have to spoil her and spare his feelings. See, Kaname's so used to sacrificing himself (especially for Yuuki) he doesn't know to ask for what he wants in a relationship either.

Now, let's all pour out our love for Sagakure with fanfiction and fanart in her honor!


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May. 9th, 2010 10:32 am (UTC)
Now, let's all pour out our love for Sagakure with fanfiction and fanart in her honor!

XD<3333333333333333333 *does a happy dance* XD XD *lol*

About the window, I think it was Zero actually, because if you look at the window, the glass breaks then falls beyond the window sill, outside, and the window swings open outwards from the blast. ^^/
So it's unlikely it came from outside, or the window would have had the opposite reaction.

Yuuki seems to look surprised, so I don't think it was her... it was in a powerfully emotional moment for them all, but it was also shortly before Zero started gripping the spot on his shirt where Yuuki's blood had dripped, and with that + the way the window moved etc., I think it was really his power that flared there and broke the glass, and not Yuuki's.

All the possibilities are full of fangirlable potential, but I think it was more likely to be him. (And on top of the thing with Yuuki's blood, it must have been a really difficult moment for Zero to see Yuuki apologize like this after what he said also. ^^; )

It also makes sense since the place is protected against vampires coming in, so I doubt it would be so easy to break in from the outside, especially with just a bat. If it was Kaname in person he probably could break in, but just the bat, I don't think it's likely. ^^/
(Why does the mention of this immediatly sends my pervy mind into a porny mind image of Kaname breaking in through the window to join Yuuki & Zero in a threesome on the bed there...? *lol* XD;;;;
It's like an instant reaction with my mind perpetually in the gutter. XD XD;;)

At first I thought it was Kaname too, because the bat flies off the branch. But he flies to the side, not towards the window. And after several reads I noticed the glass falling outwards and the fact the window pushed open from the blast, so I wonder if maybe the bat might have flown off because it made eye contact with Zero and noticed a blast was coming and that not being in front of the glass would be better, maybe. XD
I don't think Zero would have broken the window to actually target Kaname's bat (since that doesn't seems his style and also he seems to have already noticed the bat before also) but I think the bat might have been able to sense that Zero was having trouble keeping in control, and the creatures are more easily damaged so maybe that's why it went to the side so that it could avoid the glass. It didn't go far though, we see it again right near there when Yuuki exits. ^^/

If the bat did move to the side for the sake of avoiding the blast, then it goes to show again how sure he was of Zero's intentions. :D Because he wouldn't have flown off to the side to protect the bat and left Yuuki out of sight etc. if he thought Zero might harm her.
He would only have done so because he was certain Zero wasn't actually going to hurt her. :D *fangirls them all* ♥

Edited at 2010-05-09 10:35 am (UTC)
May. 11th, 2010 02:18 am (UTC)
Thanks for your insight!
I love your forensic analysis. Lol. Yeah, after re-reading a bunch of times, Yuuki does look surprised and you're right about the bat flying off to the side, plus the place is vampire protected, so it makes total sense it was Zero!

Oh, and my brain went right to wishing for threesome action with the bed there and Kaname's voyeurism. XD *shot*
May. 11th, 2010 04:16 am (UTC)
Re: Thanks for your insight!
Hahaha, VK-re-reading is totally is like forensics, yeah! XD VK always has so many tons of interesting details that we only catch in their full extent after reading a ton of times. XD XD *lol*
It also makes it a series so fun to read and re-read many times!

For example, as I re-read VK60 I finally realized that from the angle Zero was standing at, in the moment when he narrows his eyes sexily in one of the pages, I think it's actually a (so sexy 8D) glare because he's looking straight at Kaname's bat outside. It would explain why his expression changed suddenly (at first I thought it was a smoldering look due to what Yuuki was doing, but it actually looked more like an angry look, so I kept wondering what he was thinking exactly, and I think it's because he just noticed Kaname could see too... and since there's no way Zero wouldn't have noticed him there, he probably had seen or sensed. ^^;)
In either possibility, it's super hot if they exchanged a look, however brief it may have been. XD; *starved for any Z & K interaction*

And YES! I was totally thinking "voyeur! 8D" when he was watching them. In truth, it must have been so painful for him, but uhm, my mind is a swamp of porn and I can't help immediatly having fic urges when I'm not thinking of the serious aspect. XD

It doesn't helps that I already had fic urges about this sort of situation from back when Zero kissed Yuuki in VK46. XD *is sure Kaname either watched from afar with bats or something like that to make sure everything was safe, and thus ended up seeing all that and was moping in a corner --or, in my fic ideas, having sexy pre-threesomey angst. XD

The amount of pervy fic urges I have over the current VK chapters seems endless. XD; *wishes the free time to write them was too* XD XD
Particularly, there's one I hope to have time to write sometime, in which out of concern for Yuuki's happiness, Kaname somehow gets Zero to live with them at the Kuran manor, thinking that Yuuki actually wants Zero instead of him, but then it backfires and turns into yaoi (because Zero doesn't believes Kaname's intentions at first and starts trying to push him as far as possible to see when he'll drop what Zero assumes to be a mask, and hot things end up happening XD), and then eventually it evolves into threesome too after Zero and Kaname fall for each other, Yuuki opens up about her feelings not being one or the other but both, and Zero knocks some sense into Kaname about his beliefs that Yuuki is going to dump him, after which everybody is happily together. XD
(How I wish VK would somehow have this for an uber sugary happy ending, or something similar, instead of anything tragic. XD;;;)
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