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Vampire Knight fanfiction....

Alright, I don't think it's a secret that I'm a ZEKI fan. I enjoy reading plenty of Vampire Knight fics, including Kaname x Zero fics. The ones I like I've added to my favorites/alerts.I write my own fics, too. Okay, so my fics may not be perfect (I have been guilty of OOCness)...but when I'm in the mood for ZEKI fics, it's getting harder to find some good fics to read, a lot have potential, but then they make Kaname evil. Seriously, is anyone READING the manga. He wouldn't do that to Yuuki! I made Kaname evil in a fic because he was possessed by Rido, so he wasn't doing that himself. Also, I did realize in another fic that Kaname was waay too OOC and it hurt his fans, so I re-wrote the chapter. I want it to be enjoyable to read for everyone.

 I'm not putting down ANY one's fics, but what I'm saying is can I at least read a ZEKI fic where Kaname isn't evil, please? If he's going to be that way then don't write him in the story...There are plenty of villains in Vampire Knight that can serve that purpose.

Fine if you don't like Kaname or don't know how to pair Yuuki with Zero because it's a fact that she does love Kaname, but you don't have to make him evil! It's like character bashing. It's seriously a turn-off.

I realize fanfiction is for us to indulge in our fantasies and ease the waiting between manga chapters. I'm not telling anyone how to write fanfiction. I'm willing to suspend my imagination if a story line is interesting and well written that fits with the characters. Look, there are things I want to do with my fics that may not be agreeable to everyone, but I do keep the fans and characters in mind when I write. I know tha not everyone can be pleased.  My point is none of the characters have to be abusive to eachother (unless it's a kinky sexy fic XD *shot*) .

That's just my opinion and I just had to vent. lol.

To show the characters some love, here's a nice picture of the trio:


Also, yeah, about Vic being Zero, after hearing the preview, um, NO I don't like him as Zero! T_T*sigh*
But, PEOPLE, people, the US DVDs will have the Japanese audio as an option, so buy it anyway!!! Support the series and have the official sub!


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May. 9th, 2010 10:55 am (UTC)
I love you! X3♥ *agrees with this post so much*

It's exactly why I shy away from so much fanfiction also. T_T

And when there's so few time, it's so terribly depressing when you start reading a fic and then it turns out it was time wasted and potential moe wasted because of the bashing popping up in the fic.
Fics should never be used for bashing. T___T
*wishes there was more fanfiction focusing on love rather than hate*

Even before I got more interested in Zero x Yuuki as a pairing by itself, I was already writing the trio together in fanfiction too and having Yuuki having feelings for both of the guys, because the love has always been so visible in the manga. If we want to keep characters IC, the feelings and all will have to be in the fics too, otherwise only part of the story works.
And so it's so unpleasant and depressing to see so many people prefering to use their fics as bashing platforms instead of making them actual fanfiction. T___T

I can't say much of the Kaname x Yuuki fics either because I haven't properly read any in forever so I'm not sure if there has been anything new. *fail as a het fan* XD;;
I've been avoiding the KxY ones because so often there's odd plot issues (characterization and so on) and avoiding the ZxY ones because it's so often "Kaname is the source of all evil"....... T_T
I crave some fics that explore the possibilities of the current situation for all of them, but... D: *can't find much most of the time*

It's such a pity, because I love Yuuki too and would be happy to read more het fics/fics with her, but.... it's hard to find time to search ones that don't have that issue or other weird things. ^^;

It doesn't helps that there's not enough time to skim through all of the stuff in hopes to find good fics with Yuuki, and since I already naturally prefer yaoi, I end up just sticking with Zero x Kaname instead, where at least the issues it may have are not as often of the bashing nature. ^^;
(Although on the subject of issues with yaoi fics, I also wish the world could wake up to the awesomeness of Zero seme and Kaname uke and not stay only 99.9% Zero uke at all times and Kaname as the-non-stop-seme-made-of-stone mode as it is most of the time. XD;; *wishes for more fics with strong and cool Zero + a vulnerable Kaname opening up tentatively about his weaknessess etc. instead of always the reverse* X3)

Sorry for the long whiny comment. XD;;; *loves fanfiction, and as such is always saddened by it having problems that ruin the enjoyment, especially when it's something as ugly as bashing* ^^;

Edit to add: Would you mind if I were to link to this post sometime? ^^/ I've been meaning for a while to mention this issue in a post too and you've explained it so well.
Of course, I totally understand if you'd prefer me not to link. ^^/

And I also totally agree that hopefully people will support the series and buy the DVDs, the dub is more like an additional thing, the anime comes with subs anyway, and that's the original voices and all... ^^;;; So it would be such a pity if people decided not to buy because of the voices.
(I wonder if VIZ understood...? They're streaming the subs, not the dubs. XD; But it might be simply because the dub isn't fully ready yet, and not because they noticed the fans were angry. ^^;)

Edited at 2010-05-09 11:01 am (UTC)
May. 11th, 2010 02:24 am (UTC)
of course!
I love you, too! You certainly may link to this. Thank you!

I totally understand the not having much time for fic reading and I totally agree about feeling reading was a waste of time if Kaname gets evil or the plot gets weird/OC or smutty without development of anything else. I haven't read any Kaname x Yuuki fics. Zero x Kaname, the one I'm into right now is the one you recommended "Blood, Ink and Ecstacy" I gotta look into more, but like you said there's a lack of Kaname uke fics(which I intend to fix.;)Don't you worry. lol.)

Thanks again for finding time to leave comments. I hope all is well with you. *hugs*
May. 11th, 2010 04:26 am (UTC)
Re: of course!
:D ♥♥♥

Yeah, BIaE is a lovely fic! :D :D

I'm not sure if you have read it yet ot not, but Blackened_Wing's series (Crimson Door - Blood Moon - Take the lead - Secrets in the Dark, and the related one-shots) is a MASTERPIECE. :D ♥ She's the goddess of VK fanfiction, all her fics are delightful! X3

CD is almost only Kaname x Zero + both loving Yuuki, BM is Kaname x Zero and some smoldering HOT Zero x Kaname parts, and Secrets in the Dark is Zero x Kaname, so there's so many lovely things for fans of all the options. X3

Also if you haven't read it yet, Nineorchids has some AMAZING Zero x Kaname fics. :D<3
"Slow Seduction" and its sequel, and her recent short series passed in AU settings where both are students, are all wonderful fics! X3

Yeah, there's such a terrible lack of fics on them. ;_; Luckily, we do have some wonderful authors like I mentioned above, but we're so few people writing that pairing. ;_;

I'm so looking forward to your fic! X3♥

May. 11th, 2010 09:40 am (UTC)
Thank you
I'm familiar with Blackened Wing and Nine Orchids fics, but haven't had a chance to read them. I'll totally read them now, thanks so much for recommending them. <33333

I wish I wasn't so busy this week or I could work on fics. I have one last final, but then I have to fill out job applications and hopefully get hired as a teacher somewhere. XD uwaah,Deadlines!

Thanks again for the reply!
May. 11th, 2010 11:23 am (UTC)
Re: Thank you
Those two authors are the best of the fandom, I feel. :D At least, they're the two that most get my moe to skyrocket through the ceiling to amazing levels. XD *wishes she could write like that too, practices hard to try to improve writing*

If you're out of time too, maybe start with NineOrchids, since her fics are shorter. :D
As for BW's series, the subsections are somewhat independent, so it's also enjoyable even if you don't read it in order, in case you want to start by whichever appeals to you more. (Of course, it's even more enjoyable to read it all one after the other, if you decide to marathon it throughout several nights XD evenings. :D)

*cheers for your final and application etc.*

*is currently in a little bit of a breathing moment in between deadlines, tyring to catch up with fandom stuff a bit before getting swallowed by work again* XD;

I have crazy amounts of fandom projects I'd like to do, but I've had so often cases where I think I'll be able to finish something and then I get buried under work and it gets pushed back, that I'm hesitating mentioning any on a post. XD;;;;;;;;;;;; (People might lynch me if they don't get the Zero mascot soon. XD;; *tried to figure out a different software to use but had coding issues* ^^;)

A ton of the projects are VK fangames, and also fanfiction updates and stuff.
(Well, games and random stuff. Like an mp3 player that you can have in a corner of the screen, and a VK character will dance around to the music. X3 And other such very random things. *wants to make one of those for each of the trio, but stares at yet more things to animate frame by frame* XD;; *will find time sometime*)

Edited at 2010-05-11 11:24 am (UTC)
May. 11th, 2010 08:48 pm (UTC)
Re: Thank you
Wow, everything you do for the fandom is amazing already and you want to do all that! *cheers for you*
I'm glad you have a time to breathe between work, then there's all this stuff to do and it's like "what to work on first." Poor you, always swamped. *pats*

Thanks again, I'll start with NineOrchids' fics. I often read one (chapter) after another in one sitting. XD I did that with "Solitaire" by Somewhere-there.

I'm working on improving my writing, too! I feel reading really wonderful fics will teach me how to write effectively. (especially the porny parts!) XD

I hope you find time for fandom stuff, but also take time for yourself!
Jun. 22nd, 2010 01:06 pm (UTC)
Hello, I found a cute ZeKi fic
Here it is:


It's mild and cute and I can safely say it's not bashing any character.
Jun. 22nd, 2010 09:10 pm (UTC)
Re: Hello, I found a cute ZeKi fic
Thank you, I'll definately read it.
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