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Ever more important to BUY manga!

VIZ MEDIA recently had to cut 40% of their staff and Go! Comi! nearly disappeared due to lack of sales.  Be it simply our economy and no one can afford manga (as it's not a necessity, of course) or "digital theft" aka scanlations.  Now, when you hear "scanlations" you may think "Sagakure" or "MangaFox/OneManga" Well, at least, I did. However, I want you to understand, Sagakure is not stealing from the companies. She ALWAYS states to buy the books/merchandise to support the series' you love! 

Listen, we all are going through tough economic times (some more than others).  The purpose of this post is to encourage you all to BUY your favorite manga, not just read them. Don't just sit in the aisle of the bookstore and read or solely read scanlations.  I read scanlations, but I buy the series because I love the series and enjoy re-reading.

Do you want your favorite manga series (from VIZ, I can't speak for other companies in the USA because the other ones aren't doing so well either or have gone bankrupt and disappeared) to die off? Didn't think so.  If you're thinking you'll just re-read online, well the book you can take anywhere and read anytime, unlike the digital version (unless you own an iPAD or something).  Maybe manga companies should sell digital copies of their series to read on an iPAD or other reader as technology catches up. But, I digress. It's great just to won the manga, to collect and pick up whenever you want, to pass down to your kids eventually!

Do not fall into a false sense of security that VIZ says not to worry that our favorite manga series will not die off. RIGHT NOW, it's not going to die off, but it could!! It is more important than ever to BUY the books from your favorite series, not just read them. 

Don't have the money? Well, next time you want that soda, snackfood, or eat take-out, don't buy it! Eat at home instead and drink water (get a Brita filter to clean out impurities). Bargain shop! Put money away in a piggy bank or something. The books come out ever 4 months or so anyway, that should be plenty of time to save up $9.99 plus some tax. Also, BORDERS and even BARNES and NOBLE have coupons for a % off, too!  

Don't get the books in your area? Buy online! Often there are deals if you spend a certain amount of $ there is free shipping. Need some good, trustworthy, official sites to buy? Message me and I'll send it to you! 

(Note:I don't think buying manga off ebay really supports the company of the series as you're giving money to someone who already purchased it wheeas buying from another well known company is just the way you buy from Borders/Barnes and Noble). 

So, PLEASE, purchase the manga you love! Otherwise, I hope BORDERS and other bookstores start keeping all their books wrapped in plastic so no one can read them in-store so you can buy them (like Kinokuniya does). Also, don't buy bootleg manga or anime DVDs. Buy from a legit company or the actual company to avoid this!

If you think you can't make a difference as one person, yes you can!  You KNOW how many people leave comments after reading Sagakure's scanlations for VK that if each of those people bought the manga when released in our country then that's that many more people supporting the series! Pass this news to a friend!

Thank you!

Here's the full story on how VIZ and GO! Comi! are being affected: 



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May. 18th, 2010 10:42 am (UTC)
I agree so much! D:

If it's one book each four months, then it's only $2.5 that US fans have to save per month. No crisis in the world can make me think people can't save $2.5 per month! D: For something they claim they care for!!

When people in a country with extremely low monthly income and extremely high poverty tell me they have trouble buying imported books, it's very understandable, but when people in a country that's big and rich say they can't buy an easily available local release, it makes me want to ask them how much they paid for the soda they got at the vending machine, or the lunches etc. they're having out!!
I spent my University years converting the totality of my school food money into manga and anime purchases!! I would go hungry, for real, all day long until night (or, often enough, survive with bits of the cheap sliced white bread purchased at the market), because I wanted to support the series I loved.
And it was no mere 1 book each four months, it was purchases of merchandise and doujinshi and stuff regularly. I was paying for my own doujinshi printing as well, and had to make it all fit in a budget. I can't believe any kids that truly want to read a manga and can't save $2.5 in a whole month. ^^;;; *pops a vein*

Even young people with no pocket money or jobs, I don't know, can't they go outside and mow the neighbour's lawn once a month for a few bucks and it's done?! D: Or I don't know, baby-sit/pet-sit/work or something?? At the risk of sounding like an old fart, back in my day we were less spoiled and would work hard for the things we wanted! D:
And it's not like VK is a series aimed at little kids, it's for teens, so there's NO excuse!! Anyone can easily save $2.5 a month!! ><; Why won't they get a student job...?? It's good work experience for future work and they'll have money for a lot more than just one book. ^^;;;

The decrease in sales is not caused by people not having money, it's caused by leeches who don't want to bother putting money into something they claim they care for, but are quite glad to just take for free. T___T

I'm so tired and so fed up. :( I should have stopped scanlating ages ago. ^^;;
(Recent issues with fanart-theft in various places and the never ending character & pairing bashing have been eroding my patience like whoa lately. ^^;;; These days I'm constantly on the verge of dropping out. ^^;)

I'm absolutely appalled by the news on VIZ's sales loss and all those people who lost their jobs because of selfish people who claim they care but then just want to freeload. :(
The US VK fandom is HUGE, HUGE, there's no way there's that many people who can't save $2.5 a month. T_T

There were always VK scanlations. If it wasn't me, it would be someone else. I just started because the group that had done it for years quit and there were no substitutes up to the speed and quality. So I Thought that at least providing it soon and encouraging the book purchases a lot it would be better than if it was just any random group that might do it just because they're into scanlating but might not care as much... But I'm not sure, maybe it's really more of an evil than a positive thing. :(

I completely agree with your post, btw. ^^/ I don't mean to sound like it's your post that makes me feel like quitting, not at all. I've been feeling this way for so many months already... ^^;;
May. 19th, 2010 09:21 am (UTC)
Thank you! *bows*
Really, thank you for all your hard work for the fandom. I know you only tell us to support the series and I hope you don't quit scanlating...I know it's selfish of me to not want you to quit, I know you're so buys and then ungrateful people steal/use the scanlation as an excuse not to purchase. But, if you don't scanlate someone else will, is how I look at it. I agree with every single thing you said.

When I read that VIZ had to cut so many people, I too, thought of all those poor people without any jobs. T_T And to know you worked with them and knew all those kind people, too. I really fear for manga especially (versus anime) here in the US. it's the same as the music industry.

And I agree, I too talked on my post here about people/teens needing to save money to BUY the manga! I bust my hump and have been working at the same restaurant for 5 years. I manage to scrape between paychecks, but I BUY the manga series' I love. I get my boyfriend to buy it for me if I can't manage at the time (he has his own series' that he supports, too). I know what you mean about basically living on meager food. I recently finished my last semester in University, so I know what it's like to starve (although working in a restaurant does have its advantages that I can eat enough to get me through the shift til I get home). You know how many cup of noodles I lived off of? XD I'm sorry, i ramble. It's just I know how to stretch my money/be frugal.

Point is, I walked into Kinokuniya last week and three manga titles I hadn't seen at Borders or Barnes and Noble were there. I didn't even know they were released already (because now that Shojo Beat is cancelled, I didn't get notified or didn't check-now I'm keeping a list of the titles' release dates on my calendar) I forked over the money and bought them! I only have $10 in my bank account right now, but I bought it! I picked up extra shifts at work to make up for my spending, too. So, I totally know it's possible to support the series.

Anyway, I really hope people realize and wake the hell up now that VIZ seriously cut jobs! I know we alone can't save the manga/anime industry (but we can try XD) but if everyone just bought a series they seriously love...

Thank you for the reply and your support. I'm so sorry things are making you feel like quitting. Um, at least you know I'LL commission you/cheer for you to keep your scanlations going. *hugs* Whatever you need, even if it's just a pep talk or some fanart to motivate you, let me know! (I'd go hunt down and chew out the evil people, but know it's futile and would only contribute to the hate). I have like 4 shelves of manga, I gotta get a digi came to post one day soon.

PS. Unrelatedly, since you said on the VK community that you were a freelance illustrator/character designer my bf wanted me to ask if you did any for Black Bird by Kanoko Sakurakoji because when he saw that picture of Zero x Kaname you did (used to be the layout for your journal, it's Kaname pinned up and Zero looks kinda evil) anyway, he thought Zero looked like the main character. XD and I thought so,too. I know you're pretty secretive about what you do...so I even thought maybe you were a mangaka. lol. Thanks again! I understand if you can't talk about your work. Sorry this is so long.
(Screened comment)
May. 21st, 2010 03:13 am (UTC)
Re: Thank you! *bows*
...If you don't mind, could you screen my comment since I was talking about some job stuff? XD;;; <-- (As you can see, my level of shyness online at times is epic. XD;;;; It's in case people pass by, even though it pretty much revealed nothing. XD;;;; *freakish levels of super shy & private*)
May. 21st, 2010 04:52 am (UTC)
Re: Thank you! *bows*
Ok, no problem. I'll screen your comment. ;) Thanks for replying again!
May. 18th, 2010 10:45 am (UTC)
And I fear the worst for the DVD sales too. D:

Because DVD is far more expensive than manga, and the pirated garbage made by bootleg companies (stealing fansubs and slapping together some low quality crap in DVD format for a tiny price) is available all over the world. Most people in the fandom have already seen the anime, and can easily download it or pick up a crappy bootleg for very cheap.
And anime also doesn't has the same oomph of owning a book, since it's watched on a screen too just like a download. So I fear the DVD sales will be really bad. T_T

Already the VK anime didn't sell so well in Japan, which is why we don't have a longer series than 2x 13 episodes ^^; (I remember watching it and feeling all ":(" over the fact that VK was so short when other more popular series had season with 26 episodes instead of 13. ^^;)

I was hoping that it might sell good in the US, because the US market is large enough that sometimes US companies can have a sway in injecting money in Japanese franchises, like how the US market pretty much seems to have directly paid for the final Kenshin OVA. I was hoping such a thing might happen for VK maybe. Except that seeing how the US market for VK seems to be extremely young (shojobeat did have a young age target after all), and the sales don't seem to be doing great.... D: D: I fear they might end up with a loss instead.

It's so depressing, and even worse than just depressing when you think of how cheap manga and anime are, and of how easy it is to save a mere $2.5 per month, it's infuriating to think people would care so little for things, that they'd push it this far into the ground by not supporting the series. D:

I don't even know what to do. Fans who don't give a damn, will they even listen to our posts? :( Each month I mention that series die if we don't support them, and it seems like I speak into the wind and so many don't care... ^^;

I've had work contacts back and forth with VIZ back when I was in publishing. Of all the Japanese and international manga companies I've had the occasion to work with, VIZ is maybe the one I remember with the most fond feelings. In an industry that's often prone to internal jealousies and back-stabbing from one company to another and between employees of a same company, VIZ is the only one I remember never having seen or heard of any such cases. They are truly good people working for a good company, and they deserved to be treated better than that by their fans. ;___; I cried when I read the news in the link, thinking of all those nice people who lost their jobs. ;___;
I hope they won't change their company vibe etc. due to things like those. :(

Edited at 2010-05-18 10:46 am (UTC)
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