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VK CH 67 Spoiler WARNING

Ok, just read a translation online.....EPIC is an understatement.  Ok, I've read theories and just had to make a journal entry.  I know there's a reason for Kaname's actions, this is Kaname we're talking about people!! There's a DAMN good reason behind it and it'll all be revealed in due time....I don't think Kaname has gone mad.

Kaname, as the ancestor, feels responsible for everything going on with the purebloods and is taking it upon himself. Now, when all the purebloods except Yuuki and Kaname are gone, maybe he figures the Kurans can just repopulate themselves? XD (unless of course Kaname gets punished by the Hunters Assoc. for killing purebloods, though he could just blame everything on Sara and kill her) and with Zero as head of the Hunter society, the Kurans will be protected. BTW Sara is a psycho, but we knew that.....

I don't see why Kaname would have to die at all or give up Yuuki at all. He has things he has to do-that only he can do. He told Yuuki everything about his past and there's stuff that needs to be handled now, so Kaname's doing it. Yuuki and Aido both say they'd trust Kaname and would be alright even if he "double crossed" them...Kaname told Yuuki everything that he'd done up until now, so hopefully she has a better understanding of Kaname and his actions. I trust Yuuki knows him well enough to justify his actions. I also think maybe Kaname should just TALK to everyone and EXPLAIN what's happening, but then the manga would be near it's end. lol.

The only way this could backfire is in everything Kaname plans, he'd end up distancing himself from Yuuki, thinking she might not want him, etc and she'd be pushed into Zero's lap  arms but even if it got to an extreme point where Kaname distances himself to complete his mission, I think Yuuki would tell Kaname she loves him and his destructive path can end.

I love Zero to death, but he's not doing much of anything, like what's his purpose now other than to be Hunter Assoc.'s future President and I don't see why Yuuki would just jump to Zero. The only thing is, now Zero seems to be realizing that Yuuki hasn't changed just cuz she's a vampire. We just need Zero to realize (maybe through Kaname and his actions) that killing purebloods ISN'T the way to go...though now Kaname seems to think that...and so now Zero can just join him in the pureblood killing spree XD and since they both love Yuuki, they would live; Happy threesome ending that way!!

OMG this chapter is beyond freakin' epic! But, while it seems just about anything can happen, I also think with these turn of events, there's only so much that CAN happen. It's senseless for either Zero, Yuuki, or Kaname to die at all. If the enemies are eliminated there could be a showdown between Zero and Kaname, but if Zero realizes Yuuki is Yuuki that he loves no matter what and that he can't kill Kaname cuz then she'd be sad, then the three of them have to live happily forever with Zero as HA pres protecting everyone and keeping peace. ^_^;

Please, jump in here with your points of view; no character bashing!!! Can't wait til the next chapter!!

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