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VK 56 and Happy VK 5 yrs anniversary!

HAPPY VK anniversary! www.fanfiction.net/~michi4 I posted a new fic to celebrate titled "FORGIVE ME" but feel free to check out my other VK fics. When I'm done with my culminating assignment, I can work on /update more. I plan to be done tomorrow or by Monday for sure! I know, I missed the Nov 23rd deadline...there's no penalty for it being late, they say late entries are put at the bottomf of the pile to be graded...

SPOILER WARNING you have been warned!

Click to enlarge.

yes, Kaname, much else!

So, I am starting off this post with a sexy pic of Kaname from VK 56. My GAWD! When I saw this image of him my heart started beating faster. lol! I made a post earlier about my fav pics of Kaname and this, for some reason, was the only/first pic of him that had that kind of reaction from me! I started blushin, I swear! He just looks so delicious and irresistable. I dunno WHY! Sorry, Zero, just this once
Let me I want to glomp him right on that couch!

Zero can join if he wants. So can Yuuki. Hey, she's super pretty! LOL. For the record, I am straight, but if I weren't....lol. Well, then I wouldn't love Zero or my boyfriend or find Kaname so damn gorgeous.
Anyway, VK 56 was epic! We get a lot of info; we get names of all seven pureblood families still alive, potentially the exact number left If I was good at math I'd be able to estimate for you.

And Sara is PSYCHO-scary! I know Kaname won't let her be queen, but that bitch is crazy (I'm not bashing her, I'm merely commenting on her plans for vampire world domination). I wonder what her intentions are; where would that put everyone else if she was queen. She wouldn't be a benevolent ruler, what does she want to accomplish? She's just power hungry and greedy it seems. I worry for Takuma! I hope he knows what he's doing.

I have no doubts Kaname won't let things happen, he's gotta know what Sara's up to, and I believe enough in Kaname that Sara won't succed in her evil plans. Maybe us Zeki fans can hope Kaname will betray us and end up with Sara so Zero x Yuuki can get together! JK I wouldn't want Sara with Kaname!

As for moments in this chapter, I miss Zero! Not suprisingly.
Shiki called Yuuki cousin! <3 That's the first time I think it was officially acknowledged he was their cousin. I mean, we KNEW that, but it seems children half pureblood aren't regarded more than Class B vampires. Tells you something about vampire society and what it would mean if Zero and Yuuki had a child maybe...I'm exploring this in a fic.

Yuuki seemed kinda lonely and really wanted Shiki and Rima to visit. It was adorable. Oh, and Yuuki has developed some in the past year, eh? She has boobs so it seems. I'm not being a perv or checking her out, but I'm used to her being so FLAT. That dress she was wearing at her debut soiree didn't help; it was a lovely dress, but that outfit she wears later in VK 56 is cute (kinda reminds me of how Juri dressed in the bonus story) but it revealed Yuuki's chest. Gawd, I have you all doubting my sexual orientation. lol.

And I love the VK cover for Vol. 11 (Thanks Sagakure for the view of it!) At first I was worried with Zero holding the stake over Yuuki and she's on a coffin, but it's gorgeous and intimate. He's aiming for her heart, which is romantic! <3 Not to mention the stake could be a phallic symbol!
Also, Zero's not glaring, so that's a good sign? He's also smiling, which is unlike Zero and kinda Creepy. lol.

Anyway. Thank you for reading this.
Feel free to add any theories/ideas brough on by VK 56 here and let's celebrate VK's 5 yr anniversary!

VK 7 Title Page: I FOUND IT!

My dad's acquaintance was able to recover the files on my dead desktop.

Click to enlarge, then click again for full size.
It's a larger size than the one I have from the actual volume. Sagakure told me the Japanese version has more mm of shirt. hehe.
This is one of my fav Zeki pics. ^_^ I'm happy I foudn it, even if it was fan magnified. lol.

So, here is the pic for all of you to behold. lol.

I have to go back to finishing my culminating assignment for student teaching, so I can get state certified to teach!

Wish me luck; it's so much work!

Thank you.

Vampire Knight Vol. 8 US release....

So, I just finished re-reading VK Vol. 8 (rather than working on my culminating activity for student teaching, but anyway...) 
SPOILER WARNING for anyone not have read ALL of VK vol. 8!

And of course, I checked the English translator because since VK 7 in English some of the stuff translated didn't match up what I read on Onemanga, and those were pretty accurate (especially Sagakure's,) but the translator is the same. Hmm...editing for the US perhaps or what??? lol. It doesn't affect the storyline much, but re-reading it is interesting, especially since I remember the other translations and I favor the fan scanlated ones. haha.

Anyway, though, in re-reading chapters 35-38 and the bonuses, there's more about VK I understand and at the same time, it only opens more possibilites, which fuels my muses and my love for VK. Immensely.

So, Here are my thoughts after re-reading Vol. 8:

The Interlude: The Scarlett Cherry Blossoms Scattered Quietly (which I have not seen scanlated, so this was my first time reading it), helped me understand some stuff more, such as looking at Ichiru, you can really see Hino-sensei's talent to make a character with the same face be a completely different person (I'm not talking about Ichiru's diff hair style) I mean, even his expressions and mannerisms.  She has a way that even the same looking character isn't the same! She can really portray character personality, they're developed so well. She must really know who they are and the work she puts into them shows! I bow to her. I mean, when you think of Vampire Yuuki and Human Yuuki you can see her ability to make the same character not the same with slight alterations!

That aside, the Interlude arose some questions: DId Shizuka's lover (that the Kiryus killed) even love her? He went along with her when she proposed they run away together and she said she thought he stayed with her because he didn't have another option. I know she loved him, but was it requited?

Also, Shizuka knew Ichiru loved her and couldn't return his feelings because "when a pureblood becomes attached to someone...Destruction always follows." So, she didn't turn Ichiru, but gave her flesh and blood and "It's a very vampirelike way of loving, isn't it?" That said, then she did love Ichiru?! And that means then when Ichiru gave his flesh to Zero, it's his way of showing love for his twin! Eureka! or I'm way off base. Wow, either I missed this or didn't get it at first. Dense much, guess I am like Yuuki. haha. (I'm not human-Yuuki dense. No offense Yuuki-sama.)I don't think so.

Anyway, the events of Vol. 8 only remind me I must mourn Ichiru's death a third time next year when VK 9 comes out.... ICHIRU!!!! NO!!! Don't DIE! I already know it happens, but still....:'-(

Anyway, what if Ichiru had been turned...I wonder if he'd have been able to save Zero still.  Or if Rido still would've killed him...oh the speculation and AU fic plots. lol. We can only wonder at this point... 

As for a pureblood's attachment leading to destruction, this is ominous for Kaname AND Yuuki now that's she's awakened as a pureblood: this puts both Zero and Yuuki in danger.

And seeing Haruka die and Kaname's past (and him being the progenitor and all) makes me sympathize for him.
Purebloods (and vampires in general) feel too much.

Yeah, I'm thinking Anne Rice when I say that. Vampires are very existential and it makes me think they are always (even in VK) trying to figure out their purpose and reason for living, and don't want to be alone, so vampires really rely heavily on eachother for company, especially purebloods. I'm just drawing parallels, I think humans are like this, too, in the sense we are always on the go and in the treadmill of life that it can get superficial and we crash into eachother to feel something deeper. We're all looking for a deeper meaning.

Whoa, that got heavy. Let's move on. 

I guess it was really just this bonus that sparked all this.  

Unrelatedly, I took a VK quiz (yeah, I'm a dork), but I answered honestly and guess what? I am most like Yuki Cross, which surprised me.
I didn't think I'd get her...Maybe it was a crappy quiz. lol. Especially with my answers, but I'm pleasantly surprised. lol. I wonder which VK guy I am....lol. 

And for lack of another photo, here's the title page for VK Vol. 8 *sigh*

Anyway, thoughts from anyone who may read this???

AND DOES ANYONE HAVE THE FULL PIC OF ZERO AND YUUKI FROM THE TITLE PAGE OF VK VOL 7???????? I had it on my desktop, but the thing died before I could back it up. >_<; I've been meandering the internet for it, but it's time consuming. I'm thinknig of just scanning that little damn square.

K, thanks for stopping in and reading this long entry! Reality beckons....

These were difficult to select as I love ALL so many pics of Zero. So, to narrow it down, I chose them from the manga...but I couldn't resist and added a few more colored ones.muahhhaaha!

Anyway, I don't have time to make a post about how I feel about VK 51, so in the meantime, just enjoy these pics...

I will say though that I am delighted as a Zeki fan that a chunk of Yuuki's heart is attached to Zero, so much so that her thirst cannot be quenched entirely by Kaname. I do think it is unfair to Kaname, but maybe this gives hope for us Zeki fans and for a threesome ending.

Also, my muse is itching to write out VK fanfiction, especially for my fic "Bleeding Love." I will get on that asap. ~_^ Oh and I don't take credit for any of these scans, they are off OneManga.com and/or SAGAKURE.  I am simply sharing these with you!

Let's all wallow in Zero's sexy hotness now (click to enlarge):

(grr why does there have to be a crease in the paper marring this GORGEOUS pic?!)

And simply because I could NOT resist as I am a Zero x Yuuki fan, here's a gorgeous pic of Yuuki in Zero's arms. GAWD I just LOVE the way she looks up at him!!

Here's another fav of my Zeki gallery.

AND OMG I forgot to add this page!

OMG, okay, I have to stop now, cuz there are like 5 more pics I want to add on here and this is already huge.  Zero, baby, I hope this made up that post I made about gorgeous Kaname.
Unrelatedly, here are my two fav pics of Yuuki (there are more, but I must stop now!:

My personal VK pic Favs!

So, after browsing around Minitokyo (http://www.minitokyo.net/) I found some lovely Vampire Knight pics I had not come across before. So, here I shall share these lovely pics with you. All credit goes to those who posted these on Minitokyo, I am merely sharing the pics. I in no way assume any credit. Enjoy to your hearts content, VK fans! Feast your eyes! You may save these to your computer or go directly to Minitokyo's Vampire Knight gallery and give credit from there (here is the link provided here for you to give proper credit!

AH, Chapter 51 will be scanlated soon!! I can't wait! Until then....(Click to view larger image)
Gorgeous <3 too bad I'm a Zeki fan!
Yuuki and her harem threesome now.

Just cool

NOW! *drumroll* My fav Kaname pics!!! As I love Zero sooo much, I love every pic of him, so here are my top 3 fav Kaname pics (in my previous post is one of my absolute favs of Kaname!)


Just irresistible!                                          

Unrelatedly, my boyfriend has finished watching VK season 1 and we are halfway through season 2 and he really likes VK! He thinks it's good! HAHA I've turned him into a VK fan! He's a hardcore Kaname (Kaname x Yuuki) fan though. ^_^ That's okay at least he's a fan of VK period. (He was just diappointed Shizuka didn't last longer in the series).
Anyway, thanks all for checking this out. Thanks to Sagakure in advance on VK 51 scanlation! 

I Bought the Vampire Knight DVDs!!

Follow suit, people! Support the series, buy offical release stuff! Patience is a virtue, do not go buy bootleg!

You can go buy from YesAsia or Amazon.

I bought the Vampire Knight dvds woot for supporting the series!
And biggest news of all I' got my Boyfriend to watch it with me!!!! He actually thinks it's pretty good (This is big news as he is someone who watches stuff like Evangeleon, Gantz, Elfen Lied, Speed Grapher, Full Metal Alchemist, Full Metal Panic!, Gundam, and such.)  Though, I worry he will complain about VK as there isn't enough gore in VK anime and it's Shojo genre. lol. I suspect this is why he likes Kaname more, too, cuz Kaname actually kills in the series.
And I know he'll wince during the blood drinking scenes. He can watch characters get slaughtered, but the blood drinking scenes make him flinch cuz he has a fear of needles or something. It's Probably because I try to bite his neck (and desire his blood).JK. sort of. 
As if my boyfriend hasn't heard enough about VK/already knows what's going on cuz I talk his ear off about the manga, it's great he's watching the series with me! He can have more of an understanding of the series, not just summaries of what I tell him.lol.

He is a Kaname fan, though, and thinks Kaname is "obviously" better than Zero. It's okay, it doesn't cause arguments.lol.

So, since my boyfriend knew I'd be making this post and he is a Kaname fan, I will share with you one of my fav pics of Kaname (as most of my journal is mostly Zero/Zeki centered.lol)
Kaname is hot, too! (To make up for this post, I will have to make a post about Zero's hotness warning future pic overload.) And just to give credit, I got this pic from Sagakure, saved it on my computer waaay back when she post about extras from Vol. 9.

My VK fanart on Deviant Art


There's my link ^^ if you're interested in checking out my stuff. I've just started though. I just put up a Zeki fanart and some of Yuuki.
I'm practicing and preparing to use my Wacom Bamboo tablet and photo shop. I'm not so good with technology so I have to play around with it for a while and ask my boyfriend to help me with the Photo Shop. 
Edit: GOOD NEWS I have Adobe Photoshop 6 that came with Wacom tablet...now to figure what to do with it....

 Either way, I'm using my trusty pencil and paper!

Kaname's is so !*#^$@ hard to draw! His hair, his eyes...lol.

Seriously, Matsuri Hino has got to be the most complicated art I could've chosen to try to imitate. Even her sketches from the fanbook are whoa!

Thank you for checking out my stuff.

My first VK Fanart!

Heeey! I drew this back in October 2008, it was my first attempt at drawing Zero (though I often doodle chibis of him during class.LOL. Mostly of him making that face when Yuuki gave him the chocolate as if it didn't taste good.lol). OMG Zero's EYES are SO HARD to draw!!! So, just thought I'd share this with you since I figured out how to use my scanner! NO STEALING! PLEASE...as if you even wanted to.LOL. You may SHARE this, but make sure to give ME, MICHI4, credit and link this journal.  ^_^;  I hope it's a good size for you to see. Click on image to enlarge it. I did my best to not make the scan too huge and as a result I fear it should be bigger. *I epic fail at using technology*

The premise for this pic is from Ch. 22 when he asks Yuuki "What am I to you?" I tried to capture Zero's sexiness. I know I didn't do him justice.LOL.
ALSO for those of you who read my fanfiction, here is my drawing of MY CHARACTER, Yuzuki, Yuuki's daughter from my fic "My Dear Girl." She is my character and solely mine patent pending No Stealing her also! Please and thank you! Here's a link to my fic:

Anyway, thank you so much for checking this out. I hope you enjoyed looking at my fanart and maybe even think I have some talent.lol.Ja!

VK Chapter 49: Distressed as a ZEKI fan

And yes, now VK 49 has jumped to ONE YEAR LATER and has me worried for my Zero x Yuuki couple. I'm still hoping, although that last scene of 49 w/ Kaname x Yuuki has me worried and full of *moe*

But, YES!! ZERO IS LEGAL NOW (He's 18.lol)! *is shot* Luckily I care about Zero as a character by himself so I'll stick through VK cuz I've read it so far, but also for him.

 I KNOW sad fanfiction will ensue, but I also know that I am going to write my fic "Bleeding Love" with Zero x Yuuki, I don't care what chapter 49 implies! lol.Want Zero x Yuuki x Kaname to get together in a threesome at the end
or Yuuki and Zero can have an affair. I know it's unlikely but I don't care. I'm in denial as a ZEKI fan and can't give up hope. 

Anyway, yeah Chapter 49 cements Kaname and Yuuki as a couple, so it seems, based on Kaname saying he finally has his beloved girl in his arms to spend with for all eternity.
Kaname will take good care of Yuuki, so I don't mind. Besides who doesn't like a totally erotic blood drinking scene in VK? lol.

It just urks me, I wasn't expecting a ONE YEAR LATER jump (not that any of us were) and I dunno, I thought Yuuki and Zero would end up together anyway despite her feelings for Kaname. I mean, half her heart belongs to Zero, she tried to save him, he's her best friend, and the story is still following Cross x Juuri x Haruka kinda thing (tho I think maybe Cross's love was always unrequited) and that Hino-sensei would change the plot by having Yuuki go with Zero. We're still only half way through the series so there's no reason there can't be a an affair  a twist, but Kaname x Yuuki's relationship (ch.49 specifically) can't just be swept under a rug.

Oh and here's another reason why I thought MAYBE Zero had a chance with Yuuki (despite his destructive path) WITH A KISS LIKE THIS!

But I deduce that it is Yuuki's gaze and I quote Kaname "That no Vampire could resist." that even Zero kissed pureblood Yuuki.lol. JK.
Oh here's a comment I made on Sagakure's post scanlation of chapter 49 (THANK YOU SAGAKURE FOR SCANLATING ALWAYS <3) that turned into a massive thread. It's a fun discussion full of ideas:

Allright, I can't wait until the end of May because my semester in college will have ended BUT MAINLY for VK chapter 50!!!! omg, WOW!*crosses fingers*

My music playlist

Hey, just thought I'd post a playlist (mainly as a note to myself, since I'm the only one who reads this thing probably.lol) anyway, it is a MUST for me to listen to music as I write. I just thought I'd list the songs I listen to as I write (my fanfiction) not in any specific order:

Darren Hayes
We are Smug
Leona Lewis-Bleeding Love, Forgive Me, Whatever it Takes, Take a Bow, Better in Time, I Will Be, I'm You, Misses Glass(and actually she inspires my VK fics)

Incubus-Blackheart Inertia, Summer Romance, Wish you were Here, Nice to Know You, Are You In 

Depeche Mode-Precious

Young Love- Closer, Give up, Discotech

Metro Station- Kelsey, Shake It, Seventeen Forever

Foo Fighters- Aurora, Everlong, Learn to Fly, Generator, Gimme Stitches

Meg and Dia-Nineteen Stars (which I feel is Zero x Yuuki's song lol)

Michelle Branch 
Santana Ft Michelle Branch-The Game of Love, Feeling You 
The Beatles
Vanessa Mae
Frederic Chopin

Twilight Soundtrack: Paramore-I Caught Myself, Robert Pattinson -Never Think, Bella's Lullaby, Iron and Wine-American Mouth (although I DO NOT get this song whatsoever)

Coldplay- Parachutes

Keiko Matsui-Precious Time, Across the Sun, Kappa,

AFI-Prelude 12/21, The Missing Frame, Girl's Not Grey

Papa Roach-Paramour Sessions album

Anberlin- A Whisper & a Clamor, There is no Mathematics to Love or Loss

The Wreckers-Lay Me Down, Hard To Love You

Sheryl Crow-The First Cut is the Deepest, My Favorite Mistake

If more songs/artists come to mind I'll add it.